Is It Possible To Show Even More Love?

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Happiness ProjectThis is the fourth and final Monday in February which also means it’s the final task to Remember Love in the Even Happier Quest. Last week’s task of giving compliments was a great experiment. I made sure to stop and ask cashiers how their day was going. I chatted with people while standing in line. I told people that I liked their outfit instead of just thinking it to myself.

Even The Kid who didn’t know about the quest started paying it forward. She saw a man at Central Market and stopped to tell him that she liked the flowers he was buying. She asked the woman at Wendy’s how her day was. It was really great to watch and put a huge smile on my face.

As a review of what I decided on to Remember Love in February, here’s the run down:

This week I decided my task would be to Show More Love. How am I going to do this? I’m going to hug The Kid even more than I do now… and that’s a lot. I’m going to smile more in public. I’m going to nod and say hello to strangers. It sounds silly but I bet it really works. The reason I decided on this is because I realized that a lot of my ways to show love and affection are food-based.

To do something nice for The Kid, I stop and get her a candy bar or box of peeps on the way home. I bake something for co-workers or friends. Yes, that makes me happy but not everything needs to be food-based to bring happiness. I’m going to challenge myself to show affection and love in new ways.

I’m excited to see how it turns out and also looking forward to March’s theme. i wonder what it is. No peeking ahead! Which task do you think was most successful for February? I know which one I’m picking. 😉

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