Is It Too Hard To Stand Without Caffeine?

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It’s not often that I go on a rant here. In fact I can probably count the number of times on one finger. So pull up a chair for this monumental event. This morning I finished my workout and stopped by the Starbucks on the way home. The line for the drive thru went out past the driveway, around the building and into the parking lot next door. Now I’m not hating on Starbucks, but it’s the nature of their business that they aren’t known for speed.

LatteIt takes a while to make all the 7 pump, half caff, no foam, extra hot whatever in a cup stuff. It’s just obvious there’s going to be quite the wait to get through the line. So why?! Why on earth are these people sitting in their car instead of getting up off their backsides and going in? I really don’t get it. Are we that lazy that we would rather sit for quite a while to avoid the inconvenience of walking and standing?

I peeked at the drivers of these cars and there were people of all shapes and sizes, men and women – so I’m not pointing the finger at any one group. I’m really curious as to why they picked the drive thru over coming in if it weren’t for laziness. Air conditioning? Got that inside. Cell phone call? Park and chat on the phone inside. In a hurry? Yep, probably faster to park and come in. Too far to walk? The parking lot isn’t that big.

Now I will say that as a Mom there were times when The Kid was little that I preferred the drive thru just because it was so much easier to sit in the car with AC instead of unbuckling and hauling out the car seat. This rant is not aimed at those with kids in the car. Trust me, I know you need the caffeine and the car helps keep the kids safe and corralled. I didn’t see any families in these cars.

I don’t mind standing in line. I chatted with the people there with me. People watched. Looked at the bulletin board. It took all of about 5 minutes. If standing for 5 minutes wears you out, then you of all people really should be standing more for your own good. So next time you’re thinking about waiting for an eternity at the drive thru, reconsider and come on in. Those of us in line would love to see your smiling face. It’s good for you! 😉

If there’s a reason that I’m missing for this phenomena, please let me know and set me straight on this. OK, phew. Rant over.

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