It’s Almost Resolution Time

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ResolutionsDo you make New Year’s Resolutions? I used to but I decided a couple years ago not to bother. Yes, I know it’s a tradition and it’s a requirement to follow traditions. I realize most people make resolutions. This is evidenced by the packed gyms and yoga studios and the barren wasteland of a veggie section come January.

The reason I stopped is because I now have the mindset of why wait. If you set a resolution to lose weight, exercise, eat right, take a trip, stop smoking, be a better person, and so on, why wait for an arbitrary date like New Years or Mardi Gras? If you want to reach a goal, don’t plan a date to start. Just start.

If you’re like me, every December I’d make a resolution to start a new diet and workout come January 1st. OK, let’s just be real. You don’t start on the 1st since that’s a holiday and you can’t inconvenience yourself on a holiday. You start on the 2nd. During December, I’d eat whatever I wanted and sit on my backside since come January I’d suddenly get at it.

Like most of us, mid-January I’d give up because I didn’t just suddenly lose weight and look buff. After all I’d been at it hard and heavy for TWO weeks! Plus there was also the damage that was done by resting up and carb loading to prep for the resolution keeping event. Sound familiar?

Don’t wait for an arbitrary date to make a change. If the change is worth making, it’s worth doing now. I’m making a change starting today, despite Chanukah this week, Christmas this weekend and New Years the next. Today, but I’ll tell you about it tomorrow. 😉

Do you make New Years resolutions? Do you think it’s better to plan ahead for a date or just start regardless of challenges coming up?

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