It’s Amazing What You Do When You To Do

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I have to admit that I’ve had one of the most productive weekends ever. The funny thing is that it’s all because I finally stopped being lazy and started writing down my To Do List again. I’m not sure why I decided that in my head was the best place for it. There was no sense of satisfaction in crossing things off, and probably half if not more of it, got forgotten without even being done.

Thing Two NappingThis week I decided to go old school and keep a written list. Bam, stuff started getting done. While I furiously worked the To Do List, Thing Two was lazing in the sun shining in the window. Ah, a dog’s life.

  • Hung The Kid’s new curtain rod and curtains
  • Cleaned the house
  • Did the laundry
  • Posted a crap ton of books on for sale
  • Organized old books to donate to the library
  • Did all my food prep for the week
  • Worked out twice (OK, this one is cheating because I do it list or no list)
  • Spray painted the flower hooks for The Kid’s room
  • Got scrapbook paper to use in decorating The Kid’s room
  • Watched an entire season of Grey’s Anatomy
  • Researched and picked (!) a certification for personal training and fitness nutrition (Squee!)
  • Signed up for a barre class
  • Got a spray tan (and got called Snooki by The Kid)
  • Booked a scavenger hunt with a Groupon I bought
  • Walked Thing Two twice

I didn’t get a chance yet to paint anything with my new paint set. I’ve got it on the To Do List though for this week! We are in the process of redoing The Kid’s room, and I’ve done all the big parts of the project and am down to the accents. I’m using up my creative brain cells there and having fun.

I now vow to continue keeping my To Do List written and not fall back into the habit of relying on my poor brain cells to track it for me. Do you have an official To Do List? Do you use anything special to keep it?

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