It’s OK To Ask For Help When You Need It

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Happiness ProjectIn keeping with my goal this past week to Aim Higher and challenge myself, I made it to the real gym to workout and didn’t hide in my garage gym. I plan to continue going daily this week since I’m on Spring Break with The Kid. I get up at the usual time and head over to workout while she’s still in bed. Ah the life of a kid.

By the end of this week, it might just be a habit. Next up in the mission to Aim Higher in the Even Happier Quest is – Ask For Help When You Need It. I’m (obviously) a Type A personality who tends to do everything myself. I do enjoy a challenge much of the time. I tiled my bathroom floor, installed my garage door opener, and do all kinds of home improvement stuff.

What I’ve started to realize is that sometimes it’s stressful to have a To Do List a mile long. I try to get everything done, most of the time fail because I’m human, and then the list grows longer. In order to have time to Aim Higher on different things to make me happy, I’ve decided it’s OK to NOT always do things myself if I can reasonably pay someone to do it or ask someone for help.

This week I usually clean out the front and back gardens in a frenzy. It takes hours all day, tears up my hands, makes bags and bags of dead plants. I called my lawn guys and they are going to take care of it for me. They’re going to send out a team to clear everything out, haul away all the dead stuff, and plant pansies and mulch. The price was very reasonable and not much more than what I’d pay on my own minus a days worth of work and effort.

This gives me a free day to Aim Higher and get in another road trip with The Kid! Can’t beat that. I don’t plan to turn into a high maintenance person who pays servants to wait on me hand and foot, but every now and then I’m going to hire out the big jobs if it gives me time to do really fun stuff.

How are you doing with your challenge to Aim Higher?

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