I’ve Loved You For a Thousand Years and Now a Thousand More

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Breaking-Dawn-Part-2Last night I won the Mom of the Year Award… or at least the Quest Household version of it. The Kid has begged for a while to see the midnight showing on opening night of one of the Twilight movies. Last year we couldn’t go because I was having surgery the next day and I’ve been reminded of that poor planning moment on my part quite frequently over the last year. πŸ˜‰ So this year rolled around and I decided to just bite the bullet with Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

You only live once and it’s the little things that create awesome memories or so I’ve learned. Now keep in mind that I’m the one that has been known to set my alarm on New Year’s Eve to 11:55 to ring in the midnight moment so I wasn’t thrilled with the whole idea. The stars aligned and a movie theater near us had a 10 pm showing! TEN PM!  Booyah baby. That had my name written all over it. So I bought the tickets ahead of time online to ensure there was no chance of it being sold out.

It happened to be at a local cinema and grill called Colleyville Cinema Grille. Notice the e on grille. That means fancy. I’d never been to one before and I had no idea what to expect especially since I had visions of bazillions of screaming girls all packed into one theater. I was pleasantly surprised when we got there and everything was extremely organized – as in Adrianne’s level of organized. THAT is no small feat. We picked up our tickets and went right into the theater.

We even got a booth. An entire booth for two of us to spread out in. I could have lay down to take a nap if I’d wanted. We also had a perfect view of the screen. This being a special night an all, I decided to just bite the bullet and get dinner. Since it was a cinema grille, that meant they had waitstaff to take our orders and bring us food right at our table. They had a full menu and also the usual movie theater candy and snacks.

I opted for the kid’s pepperoni pizza. The Kid got her usual junior mints and a soda. I looked around at what others were having and the salads looked amazing along with sandwiches and burgers. Now here’s the shocker. Everything was reasonably priced if not priced below your typical restaurant! I expected to be reamed as you usually are for movie theater food. Nope, not at all and it tasted good too.

I won’t spoil the movie for you in case you’re planning to see it. It was not my cup of tea at all. Dare I say it was probably the worst acted of them in the Twilight series. I found myself dying to laugh at the seriously acted moments. I feel the need to air quote the word seriously here. Yes, I understand the vampire concept is not expected to be real but this stuff was just eye rolling. BUT The Kid loved it. As in, teared up at the ending loved it so that’s what counts. Others in her age bracket plus or minus 10 years also seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. It must just be me that had higher expectations. πŸ˜‰

I wouldn’t have traded the evening for the world though. Despite the fact that we got home after midnight and I’m sitting here before 7 am. Have you ever been to a late night premiere? Do you have cinema grilles near you?


  1. I just read your blog for the first time! I love that you started your quest for fitness later in life. My favorite part of your blog was your Quest List – neat idea!!!

    • Better late than never, right? πŸ˜‰ I wish now that I hadn’t waited so long but I’m definitely making up for lost time. You reminded me that I need to update my Quest List! I’ve accomplished a couple more things lately. Thanks for stopping by!

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