Just Call Me An Usain Bolt Wannabe

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ExcellenceDo you keep doing something even if you don’t really do it well? Or do you give up since there isn’t a chance?

Excellence is never an accident. It is the result of high intention,
sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution, and the vision
to see obstacles as opportunities. – Anonymous

I’ve done sprint intervals before but never really paid much attention to anything but my heart rate. As you know, my first attempt at sprinting for time went painfully awry. The Kid blazed past me with her claim of being the slowest runner in her class. Despite this for some strange reason, I really like sprinting.

I think it’s because I get to run really fast and then walk. It’s mentally like putting in half the effort of plain old running. A few times a week I’ve been running  ten 100 meter sprints. I run as fast as I can for the 100 meters and then walk back to start as my rest period.

Yesterday I decided to finally time myself so that I could see what work lies ahead in improvement and document the slowness. I was working on my own so it’s not an official time but more of a ballpark. I looked at the seconds on my watch, sprinted, and then looked again when I finished.

My unofficial time estimate is 27 seconds. Even if you shave off a second or two to account for the lack of stopwatch, it’s ugh. Embarrassingly ugh but it doesn’t get much worse than that. The only way up is improvement! You thought I was some fast beast on the track, didn’t you? 😉 Consider the fact that the world record for the 100 meter is somewhere around 9.6 seconds. So you know what that means.

I’m only three times as slow as the world record holder! Yeah! And you thought there was no hope. Apparently the slow and steady turtle doesn’t stand a chance with sprints. So I will be practicing weekly and hopefully there will be some sort of improvement to this time with sincere effort, skillful execution and high intention.

Do you think there’s chance to improve my time? Maybe I can improve to only twice as slow as the record holder. Have you ever timed your sprints? Is there something you’re working on improving?

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