Just Like Chili’s, I Got My Baby Back

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me and the kidAfter a long two week wait, The Kid came back yesterday from Grandma’s house. I was so excited to see her. It felt like forever. I ended up waiting at the airport for almost an hour since I couldn’t stand the wait at home any longer. I definitely didn’t want to take any chance being late for her arrival.

We grabbed a quick lunch after I picked her up and hung out all afternoon. She had a great time and had lots to say about kayaking, hot air balloon riding, the beach, trapeze class, and other adventures with my parents. It was exhausting to me just listening to it all. 😉

I took today off also so that we can spend a little more time together before getting back to work and every day life. Yesterday was also the start of a new week of Project Bad A$$. I’ve been feeling huge lately, but not in a good way. As if there’s ever a good way to feel huge. I’ve also been a bit unmotivated to workout so I think I might back off the cardio just a little. I think I might be overtraining or at least bordering on it.

I got weighed and measured. The scale had a 3 lb jump since last week (yikes!) but my body fat stayed the same. It’s holding strong at 15.8%. I’m pondering this information a bit. Part of it might be muscle but I think some of it may be water weight. I’m not experienced enough in all this to know for sure.

I’m going to try to drink more water to see if that does anything. I’ve been lax lately on water drinking. It’s just not always convenient to stay close to a bathroom! I’m going to give yoga a try this week a couple times too. I’ve been incredibly stiff for a while and that might help out.

Stiffness is another sign that I could be overdoing it a bit. I’m sitting here wondering just how bendable I really am. We will find out or snap me in half trying.

Have you ever felt overtrained? What are the signs and how did you handle it? I could use suggestions.


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