Live in the Moment on the Quest for Happiness

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Today is the last Monday in April which means that it’s the last chance to accomplish the task to Lighten Up in the Even Happier Quest. Due to the way that April fell on the calendar, we got an extra Monday in the month. The Happiness Project only had four suggestions which we already covered so I had to get creative and come up with an accomplishment on my own.

Even Happier QuestI still need a lot of help to lighten up. I’ve gotten better but I’m nowhere near the level of sane normal people. This week’s focus is to Live in the Moment and let whatever happens, happen. I got a reminder of this the other day when I was in the midst of my contest prep realization. I’m worried that I won’t make it in time and was focusing on that. My coach said “Don’t let stage readiness determine your success.”

She’s right. The journey is the best part if I just lighten up and enjoy it. I can stress and focus on the fact that I’m not ready or I can take each meal, workout, day as it comes and do my best. In the process I can enjoy the journey to a better me instead of worrying that I won’t be the best. This applies to a lot of things in life.

I’m sure you’ve got something that you do this with. A presentation that you’re worried won’t go well. A to do list that may not get done. An endless possibility of things to stress about. We can only control things so much so the most we can do is do our best and let the rest fall into place. Worry about what may or may not happen, won’t usually change the outcome for the better. I tried practicing this yesterday on the drive back from our scavenger hunt.

We decided to head back and get manicures to top off a girly afternoon. I must have missed a turn as I got on the highway.We drove and drove and then I realized we should be seeing familiar things by that point. Hmmmm. I got out the GPS and discovered we had headed off the intended path. At that point, there was not going to be any time to stick to our plan. I could have grumbled but I decided to just make alternate plans.

We detoured to a relaxing stop for lattes and lightening up. It sounds silly and small but it really kicked the task off right. Remember, it’s the journey where the fun happens, not the destination. Is there something you worry about? Can you use a little lightening up?

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