A Different Approach To Your New Year’s Goals

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New Years Resolution SettingSince this is THE goal setting time of year, I know many of you are working on listing out your health and fitness goals. Some of you may create vision boards or dream boards. Others will make sure they are SMART goals. Some will be simple lists, and others more elaborate.

It doesn’t necessarily matter how you document your goals. It’s more about taking the steps needed to actually reach them and cross them off the list. Easier said than done, I know. Call me Captain Obvious. So what can you do to give yourself a fighting chance this time?

If what you have done in the past hasn’t worked (or hasn’t worked for long) then change your approach. Try something different.  This year change your mindset on reaching your goals and you just might get there and then some.

I talk about that simple change that can make a big difference in today’s video.  What are you working to accomplish in 2019? I’d love to hear about it. Happy New Year!


  1. I really enjoyed hearing about your accidental fitness journey! I too have tried everything from Insanity to mixed martial arts and counted calories like my life depended on it and I never saw any of them through because they were just too hard! It was when I decided to set small goals that I actually saw results. I started with just walking (and not briskly, mind you!) 30 to an hour a day and being mindful of what I’m eating (sans the counting calories). I stayed off the weighing scale for a couple of months and focused on how I felt and how I started to look in the mirror. The change was very gradual but since I wasn’t aiming to lose 50lbs in a year, I didn’t feel any pressure. And I think that was the biggest factor in my success! 🙂

    • Yes, slow and steady. What do they say “be the tortoise and not the hare”? It’s better to be consistent and start small so that you win many times along the way, than to try to do too much and stop cold. Great approach and thanks for posting your story!

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