A Reminder To Lighten Up On The Even Happier Quest

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Happiness ProjectNo sooner had I embarked on my lighten up journey last week was I faced with a nice little reminder that I really did need to lighten up. Funny how life tends to do that. When the cat wedged himself up in the underside of my car, I admit I was slightly upset. At the stupidity of the cat mainly, but also at the mess up in plans part too.

I had stuff to do and this was not in the plan. I couldn’t run errands with my stowaway on board! I didn’t sing to the cat but I was kind enough to pull him out, and my heart was warmed when I learned of his plight. I also made his Wisconsin family very happy upon his return. So after that reminder about the good things in life, I took morning singing to heart.

The Kid at first was not thrilled to be serenaded with squeals of “If I was your boyfriend”, but she ended up laughing and even sang along a couple mornings. That in itself made the morning starts happier and don’t tell anyone but there were a couple spontaneous hand holdings that took place. Those are very rare now that she’s older.

The next item on the quest to lighten up is to Acknowledge the Feelings of Others. After reading about it, I’ve realized I’m very guilty of this one. The Kid will make a statement and inadvertently I’ll argue with it or not acknowledge what she is feeling.

Her: “I need a new pair of jeans.”
Me: “No, you don’t you have a drawer full.”
Her: “I hate math.”
Me: “No one likes math but you have to do it.”
Her: “I don’t want to go to school.”
Me: “Well you have to so you’re going.”

None of my responses really acknowledge the true sentiment behind her statements. I can definitely do a better job in listening to what she may be trying to say and acknowledging her feelings.

Her: “I don’t want to go to school.”
New Me: “School can be tough sometimes especially if you have a lot of homework and have to get up early to get ready. Is there anything that I can help with?”

Listening and talking it out might make her feel better that I understand even if I can’t actually change the situation for her. She still has to go to school despite how much she might not like it. At least she’ll feel heard and like she has a voice in things (which she does!).

This task might take some getting used to. Old habits are hard to break and sometimes I just get into auto-pilot when I’ve got tons on my To Do List. But I’ve got this one since it’s an important one. Even if I can’t come up with a response on the spur of the moment, I’ll at least sing to her! 😉

Do you find yourself doing this with family, friends, co-workers? I didn’t realize how much I did until this. Time for a change that just might make both of us happier.

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