A Week Of Spending Only On What’s Needed

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Do tell? Did you splurge this past week? What did you get? I’m dying to hear about it. I posted a pic of my splurge on Instagram. If you’ve got an iPhone you follow me on Instagram, right? I’m AccidentalFit. Look me up. I love to take pics of random things like what I’m eating, things I see while I’m out, and other backyard silliness. 🙂

Hand Beaded BraceletI almost didn’t follow my own instructions and was completely splurge-less but then fate intervened on Saturday. The Kid and I went window shopping in a bunch of cute boutiques. We wandered into my favorite shop, and I saw a gorgeous handmade bracelet that had purples, greens and pinks all rolled into one.

I picked it up, tried it on, and then put it back. I definitely didn’t need it. Sigh, I completely ignored my self-assigned task to Buy Some Happiness in July. Just then, the owner came over and said that there was a sale going on today and everything in the store was 25% off! Nudge, nudge. I went ahead and got it. A splurge and a sale. Yes, I bought a little happiness. 😉

The task for this week in the Even Happier Quest comes at the perfect time – Needful Spending. It’s the anti-splurge after last week. In a recent cleaning frenzy, I sorted out the kitchen pantry and discovered my apparent obsession with teas, spices, and kool aid. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I combined the miscellaneous groups into a single pile. There were not only massive quantities of all three, but duplicates.

Have you ever gone to the store and bought something, only to come home and find that you already had some or several? I had 3 jars of powdered mustard! Or have you watched the Extreme Couponing show and seen the “stockpiles” these people put together just because they have coupons? Sometimes we end up with more than we could ever use and then it ends up sitting there.

Eventually we have to make the effort to throw it out or just deal with the every mounting clutter in our lives. It’s time to focus on needful spending to make sure that we’re spending our hard earned money on the right things. Things that we both need, will use, and are of the quality to last us a while. Here are some tips:

  1. Before grocery shopping, plan out your meals for the week and make a list. Take the list and go to your kitchen and mark off everything that you already have. If you’re already really good at this, plan your meals using mostly items on hand and only buy the perishable items this week. Plan a potluck night for dinner one or two days this week.
  2. Gather up random mixes and items from your pantry that have been gathering dust and make a few. Don’t worry if the dishes go together or not. It’s your house, your rules. You’ll use up a few things and clear out some clutter. The kids will love the fun-ness too!
  3. When you’re out shopping and reach to buy that top or pants that aren’t on your list, wait. Think about whether you have something close to it at home. If you aren’t sure, don’t buy it until you can go home and check. Don’t be like my dad and end up with 40 pairs of khaki pants and at least as many blue button down shirts!
  4. If you really don’t have anything similar to that cute top that you’re dying to buy, stop to ponder how many things you have that you can wear it with. Can you mix and match with several different skirts, pants, or shorts? If not, it might not be worth it if you have to buy something else to make an outfit or it only goes with one pair of pants you own.
  5. When buying something you need look at the quality of it and not just the price. If it wears out quickly and you have to buy replacements all the time, it might be worth paying more for something that lasts.

These are just some easy ideas to implement and I’m sure there are tons more than you can do in your life. Imagine the happiness in not spending recklessly and having some money leftover for that occasional splurge. While you’re at it, take a moment to clean out your pantry and closet and donate the extras to someone in need. That’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and theirs.

Have you ever found several of the same item that you’ve bought by accident? Do you have any tips to add to the list?

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