The Old Body At Rest Theory

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Wait, I thought you loved working out. You really don’t?! Yesterday I posted that I don’t always want to workout. I got a few questions via email about it so I wanted to go into more detail. I do love to workout. It’s more than just a passing hobby for me. It’s my passion, but like anything else it takes effort to do.

Sunny DayIt’s not the act of working out that I don’t look forward to. If it’s the workout itself I don’t like, then I change it up immediately and try something new. There’s no excuse for workout boredom with thousands of options out there. Most times it’s the process of getting there or recovering from the work day that’s the issue. Especially when I’ve been trapped inside all day and I walk out to beautiful clouds like the ones waiting for me yesterday! Time of day matters.

Everyone has different schedules and energy levels, so the perfect time is different for all of us. I am not an evening energy person. Never have been and don’t see that changing any time soon. My ideal workout time is morning or lunch time. On weekends, I’m in the gym with great excitement first thing. That’s when I’m really sprinkling fairy chalk dust and spreading joy. I seriously dance and jump around with a smile. And yes, I get some strange looks.

I love lunchtime workouts too since my energy is still there and I know it means I’ll have the entire evening to do whatever I want with The Kid. Most week days, work gets in the way of morning and lunch workouts so I end up hitting the gym after work. After sitting for 8 hours at a desk, my energy is gone and the last thing I want to do is drive anywhere but to my sofa or to my pool chair.

It has nothing to do with the workout. I’d feel this way if I was driving to my favorite restaurant for dinner. It’s the effort to get there, change clothes, and get on the gym floor. Once I get into the first set or through the kickboxing warm up, my energy starts to come back and the ugh feeling leaves. It’s that law they taught us in science class applied to real life.

A body at rest tends to stay at rest. A body in motion tends to stay in motion.

If you’re like me, you just need to play around with your workout times and figure out when you have the most energy. Your schedule might not always allow you to workout at the perfect time, but you can try your best to work with your energy levels. Get up, start moving and you’ll keep moving. Today I focused on walking around every hour or so at work just to take a mental break.

I felt much better at the end of the day and came home and killed my workout in the garage with no ugh feeling at all. Despite the fact that it was 95 degrees outside and waaaaay hotter than that in my garage. I even busted out a major dance when I finally tackled my nemesis – the dive bomber push up. Weeks of hard work finally paid off and I did them with no modifications. BOOM!

Maybe the walking breaks is the trick for me. So rest assured I still love to workout and always will. I just need a chauffeur to drive me to the gym and a butler to dress me once I’m there and problem solved. Reminds me, I need to buy a lottery ticket. 😉

Do you find that you have more energy at certain times of the day than others? How do you work with it?

PS – I love getting questions so always feel free to either comment on a post or email me at adriannec69 [at] gmail [dot] com if you have something to add, contradict or question. 🙂

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