Your Brain Is Your Strongest Muscle Sometimes

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I have a problem. Yes, just one problem. No more. You can stop laughing now. I’m saying this completely in jest. I have one problem that I’m going to bring up today. It’s my brain and it’s a BIG problem. 😉

I’ve noticed something about me. Maybe you do this too. When I workout, some parts change more than others. Go shoulders! Some parts take forever to change. Argh, stupid hamstrings! Perfectly normal from what I’ve been told. The problem comes in when I see results and suddenly I want to train that part even more.

With weights though, more does not equal better. Muscles grow when they are resting after a workout and not during the workout. If you train a part too much, it defeats the purpose. Results stagnate or worse, go downhill. I got a gentle reminder from a friend the other day about the impact the brain has both positively and negatively,and it came at the perfect time.

I attack my ripped areas with gusto, but I’ve been mentally slacking on areas that I don’t see change. I still work each part once a week, but don’t always put 100% effort into areas that aren’t changing. I kinda go through the motions for some workouts if I convince myself ahead of time that there won’t be results. Yes, I’m saying convince myself. How many times do we convince ourselves that something won’t happen and it comes true.

I’ve mentally committed myself to fixing that. Even if I don’t always see a change, it might be there under the surface waiting. With 100% renewed effort, the muscle may suddenly move into beast mode! Mind over muscle. If I don’t put full effort into it, for sure nothing will happen. I’ll opt for maybe change over no change any day.This actually applies in so many situations, not just working out.

So to get those hamstrings going with my new found effort, I designed one heck of a blaster which left me walking like John Wayne for a few days.

It consists of 2 supersets and worked each leg separately for twice the joy. Because balance is involved, there was some ab work in there too. Who couldn’t use more ab work, right? The first superset I did with bodyweight only. For the one leg squats, I did hold onto a bar on my squat rack since balance is not my strong point. I held a weight plate for the second superset, and was able to repeat each superset 4 times. Phew!Backside Blaster

Do you let your brain get in the way like I do? Do you find yourself putting extra effort into areas that are showing progress and neglecting others?


  1. Well, when I see how some people do biceps curls in a Smith machine, I do not believe that their strongest muscle is brain =)

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