Buy Some Happiness For Others

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Even Happier QuestDid you work up the courage to use something that you’ve been afraid to use this week? The Kid and I had dinner on our special china and I admit it was kinda fun. We need to keep doing that a few times a week. Better to have things that are well loved and happy memories than things that are in perfect condition in a box somewhere.

To continue with the Buy Some Happiness trend this month, I’ve got one last mission to accomplish on the Even Happier Quest. I think you’ll like it and hope you’ll play along with us. I have on my Quest List to give $10 to 10 different charities. It doesn’t sound like much but if hundreds of people do this, the little bits add up.

I decided to not put this off any longer and buy some happiness for someone else that might not be able to buy it on their own. I’m also combining it with a learning experience. The Kid has finished up her fun classes for the summer and is going to be riding the sofa during the day while I’m at work. I refuse to let her brain go to mush so I’m creating my own Mom’s Home School and leaving her homework to do while I’m gone.

Just like regular school, mine includes grammar, reading, math, science, chores, and miscellaneous projects. Aren’t you glad I’m not your Mom? Oooh, that reminds me. I need to add athletics to her list of activities. 😉

Her project this week is to research and find five charities that mean something to her. At the end of the week, I’ll give $10 to each of her charities and $10 to five of my own. We’re going to buy a little happiness for someone else. I told her she has to be able to explain to my satisfaction why she chose the charity.

It has to be a real reason that’s important to her. Because does not count as a reason. My hope is that she works to figure out causes that are important to her and that she sees that you can work with others to make a difference. Plus it feels pretty nice to be able to do our part in giving to those in need. I’m curious as to what she’s going to pick and why.

I’ve got some ideas for my five charities and am looking forward to hearing about hers. Have you ever done something like this? Would you want to spend the summer in Mom’s Home School?

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