Can’t Never Could But I Will!

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One More Rep

I will do one more rep!

Apparently most of the journey towards fitness through the valley of contest prep is mental. No, not crazy mental in the way you’re thinking. Mental as in mind over matter, or in this case mind over body. These are the words of my invaluable trainer and it really got me thinking. He always says if you aren’t dying to stop, then you aren’t working out hard enough to produce a change. During many a workout, I am brought to the moment of “I can’t.” Even during my workout yesterday I used that dreaded sentence.

Um, no. The more correct statement would be “I won’t.” I’ve been where they are and used those words. They absolutely can do those things but have chosen not to. That’s the freedom of choice we are all lucky to have. The word can’t is an excuse we use when things are difficult and we choose not to do it. Can’t makes it seem out of our realm of control, something we don’t have the power to affect, and aren’t responsible for. If we aren’t responsible, then we can’t be blamed for the outcome. I can’t lift that weight one more rep. It’s important for me (and my trainer) to realize when it’s really impossible to lift again or when it’s more of an “I won’t” situation.

I’ve decided to focus on saying “I won’t” instead of “I can’t” to put the control back in my hands. It’s a mental thing. If I have the power, I have control of the outcome. I have the power to make change happen. It will also put my mind in a better frame to decide if I really can do one more rep and I’m just refusing.

This trick works in so many situations, not just weight lifting. Give it a try right now. Rephrase one of your I can’t sentences. What did you think? I’m even going to remove the word can from my vocabulary as much as possible. Can implies that I can… but I might not. I’m using will from here on out. I will do this! I will lift this weight again. It’s definitely a mental thing.

No more can do attitude for me. I’ve got a new will do attitude! What will you do when you put your mind to it? Take this challenge with me and let me know if it changes your way of thinking about the impossible.

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