Don’t Waste Time or Leftover Canned Pumpkin

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Re-energized From My Spin

Nothing is more wasteful than ignoring what you long for.

That’s a pretty powerful quotation that I saw today and it really spoke to me. I was feeling unmotivated to get myself to spin class today since The Kid is out of town. I just wanted to take a night and not do anything. Today wasn’t my rest day so I was in the midst of pondering moving my schedule around to create a rest day when I saw this quotation.

I long to be a fit trophy winner so I forced myself to go to spin instead of wasting the evening sitting around. It wasn’t really much of a forcing since tonight is my favorite instructor of the week. Lisa is amazing and has so much more energy than the other spin class instructors. What really stands out to me is her ability to describe “the ride.”

She is so descriptive that you can really envision riding along on a real ride instead of sitting on a spin bike in a dimly lit, cold room. Tonight we rode through the desert, feeling the sand under our wheels. We started out under the early morning stars with arm warmers on because the desert is chilly overnight.

We rode along, removed our arm warmers, until it lightened up and we made it to a distant rest stop for water. She described it down to the light of the Closed sign off in the distance, and that it would be changed to Open by the time we got there at 7:33.

That’s the kind of spin instructor I want to be if I ever end up as one. I have to figure out how to actually talk and ride at the same time first. It won’t have quite the same effect if I’m huffing and puffing my descriptions. So spin class was accomplished, and I didn’t waste the evening longing. I actually worked towards my goal and am glad I did.

The foodie in me was happy to come home and make dinner with my newly re-stocked spice cabinet from my trip to Penzey’s Spices. I had ahi tuna sashimi with a pumpkin wasabi sauce drizzled on top. Yes, it sounds strange but was delicious. I also got to use the last of the canned pumpkin I had leftover from last week’s recipe adventures.

The sweet pumpkin pairs perfectly with the spicy wasabi and takes away a bit of the heat. I just mixed my wasabi powder with a little water to make a paste. Then I stirred in a spoonful of the canned pumpkin to make a sauce the texture of ranch dressing. Drizzled on top of sliced, raw ahi tuna and it’s perfection! Low fat and quite full of vitamins and flavor.

Plus I didn’t have to even cook it! What are you longing for? Are you ignoring that inner voice or are you going after it?

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