Freestyle Your Life Not Just Your Drinks

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freestyle soda machineThe Kid and I were out and about the other day, and we came across one of those freestyle soda machines. If you haven’t seen one of those, it’s incredible. It’s like the soda heavens opened up and rained joy on you if you do get lucky enough to find one.

You can make hundreds of different combinations of drinks. Flavored waters, powerades, soda, diet soda, and more. My favorite is the Grape Vanilla Sprite Zero. Peach Coke Zero wasn’t bad, but it took a couple sips before it grew on me.

It got me thinking that life is all about choices just like this freestyle machine. There are hundreds of things and combinations you can try out. Some are obvious and basic like your Coke and Diet Coke.  Some choices are harder to figure out and more complicated.

You might not even know that a choice existed in some cases until it’s right there in front of you. You may make a choice and find out that it’s not for you, but you may find out it’s the perfect fit. The important thing is that you realize that you’ve got choices. You aren’t stuck with where you are, who you are, or what you do.

Start by trying out different things that you wouldn’t normally try. Worst case scenario is that you never have to try it again but at least you can cross it off the list instead of wondering. You can even stop, dump out your virtual glass, and choose again!

You just might find something new that you love and can’t live without. What are you wanting to try? What’s stopping you? Get out there and freestyle your life! Come back and tell me what you tried. I might like it too! 😉

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