Gimme Just Three Things

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Crazy Curly Hair

I love my crazy curly hair!

Today was definitely not the best day I’ve ever had. Work was a beast and rather unreal at times, then I got home and found that Thing Two had eaten something that didn’t agree with him. His poor tummy took out its revenge in evil ways on my white carpet. I am now thankful that I’m an Amazon Prime member and get a good rate on overnight shipping of steam cleaners. Hang on, carpet. Help is on the way!

I decided that I would persevere despite the rough day and focus on something I was asked last week by a fellow tweep. I’ll call her B since I am writing this and haven’t asked her permission first. B is always so positive and every single tweet from her is upbeat and filled with x’s and o’s. Last week she sent a tweet to some of us asking us to send her three things that we love about ourselves.

Interesting perspective especially on a bad day. How often do you actually give thought to what you love about yourself? I bet it’s not often if you’re like most people. Many times we have a bad day and start a downward spiral. We begin to use extreme phrases like never, always, and can’t.

I never have anything go right, I always have bad luck, I can’t do this. Have you done this? I know I have many a time. Ha! Today instead of thinking this way, I found myself thinking of B’s tweet and the three things that I had immediately replied back to her.

I love my crazy hair, my laugh, and my shoulders!

It’s taken me several decades to fall in love with my hair but I finally do and no longer have the urge to fight it. It’s unique just like me. My laugh is pretty infectious if I do say so myself. I am easily entertained and end up laughing alone at my desk. Just ask my neighbor co-workers how often they find me chuckling to myself.

I don’t need anyone else around to laugh with when I’ve got my sense of humor. I’ve busted butt (so to speak) to get these shoulders too. I love to show them off because that’s the body part that has shown the most progress in my journey. Thankfully it’s warm here quite a few months out of the year.

You know what? As I pondered those three things today, I found myself smiling and no longer caring about the day. It’s all about the perspective. You can look up or you can look down.

Take a moment and think. Leave a comment below with three things that you love about yourself. I’d love to hear them. 🙂

PS – By this weekend, I’ll also have sparkley clean carpets. Unplanned, but a nice bonus!

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