Aim For The Moon And You Might Hit A Star

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Happiness ProjectLast year The Kid brought home an article to analyze for a project about whether people are born with talent. The article had an interesting take that none of us were born with talent. Talent actually comes from enthusiasm. You try something, you like it, and you want to do more of it. Because you spend more and more time doing something you love, you become good at it and a talent is made.

The March topic in the Happiness Project is very similar to this concept – Aim Higher. The author explains that challenge and novelty have been found to be key elements in happiness. She says that your brain is stimulated with the unexpected and you’re more inclined to be happy when you do new things. More so than those who stick to the same old familiar activities.

The first task to tackle this month is a hard one for me – Enjoy The Fun Of Failure. More accurately push out of your comfort zone and try things that stretch your limits. The funny thing was I was thinking this watching The Kid on the horse this past weekend. She has no fear, she just does. She was making the horse trot and moving it behind the longhorns with no instructions.

I need to take a lesson from her and not analyze everything to figure out ahead of time if I can do it or not. Half the fun should be just trying it. The gym is still a major step out of my comfort zone. I’ve talked about it on here before. I still have that issue and feel very intimidated in the gym – for NO reason. So yesterday I pushed myself as the first step.

I went to the gym on my own. I purposely went to the crowded one instead of driving further to the empty one. I made myself stick exactly to the plan and not modify anything to get out earlier. I didn’t use a less crowded area and hide in a corner. I got right in the midst of everything and did my workout.

I left with a huge sense of accomplishment and a great attitude! I plan to hit the gym a couple times a week until I’m comfortable. I’m also going to find a few more things that push my limits.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid you might fail?

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