How To Become Happier And Boost Energy

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Happy Monday! I am off work today since we were lucky enough to have New Years fall on the weekend. My work celebrates the new year today with a day off. Funny thing, I assumed that The Kid’s school also celebrated in the same manner. I discovered the err of my thinking last night about 9:30. The Kid has school. Sigh, I guess I suffer from Mom Brain after all.

RelaxingIn keeping with my new theme for the year, I am empowering myself to return to bed to relax a bit before going to a yoga class this morning. So here I sit lay, blogging and watching TV. I never do this but since I found myself alone, I figured why not. Start the year and the day off right. I’ve also got a new project to start. I hope you’ll join me in this.

I got a book a while ago called The Happiness Project. What better time to start being more happy than now, right? If you keep up with my blog and my tweets, you know that I’m typically a happy person any way. I get stressed though from all I’ve got to do with my To Do List, mom duties (see above mistake), workout schedule, running a household, and so on.

I figured who couldn’t stand to be more happy. More happy = cherry on top of my life! Hence my very own Happiness Project Even Happier Quest. Each month has a different goal to accomplish and the author breaks the monthly goal down into tasks that she uses to meet said goal. Simple goal setting processes, yep. Easy enough, I can do this too.

Happiness ProjectJanuary’s theme is Boost Energy and I could use more energy. I’m making the project my own and want to set up my own tasks to meet the goal. I figured this is necessary since my life is different than the author’s life, so my tasks will be different in some cases. Each week I’m going to tackle a task in keeping with the goal. Could you use more happiness and energy? Play along with me this month!

This week’s task for me is to get better sleep, not more sleep but better. I am an 8-9 hour a night person and I typically get that, BUT I wake up several times during the night and have trouble getting back to sleep. My goal is to stop this. Here’s my plan for the week:

  • I got a sleep mask (with cute little ruffles and polka dots) to block out any light.
  • I’m going to relax without the news during the half hour before bed and think happy thoughts.
  • I’m going to not drink water after around 8 pm absolutely unless dying of thirst.
  • I’m going to turn the heat down at night since I read that being cooler helps you sleep better.

We will see if that helps with the better sleep issue. I’m envisioning oodles of energy arriving this week. Maybe this will even make me a morning person! OK, maybe this week’s task should be focus on reality instead. 😉

Do you want to join in the Even Happier Quest? What task are you going to tackle this week to boost energy? I’d love to hear your ideas.


  1. I love the idea of a happier quest!!! I will try Meditation with deep breathing before bed. Negative blow out positives flow in.

    • Accidental Fitness Quest says

      That’s a brilliant idea! I need to do this if I wake up during the night. Thanks for the idea. I really like this book and thought it was a great project to undertake. I promised myself I wouldn’t read ahead so I’m kinda excited on what the year will bring. Thanks for joining in!

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