In A Zombie Apocalypse, You Just Have To Outrun The Slowest Person

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Are you a perfectionist? I am in many areas of my life. I suppose it goes with being a Type A personality. Are any of us Type As not perfectionists? I’m not saying we are perfect but we sure do focus on getting there or often beating ourselves up when we fall short.

The Kid loves running. This completely baffles me since I can’t stand to run. I’m as slow as molasses at it and it bores me to tears. I only run if there’s a gimmick to it or tutus involved.  Let’s just say that if I was being chased by Leatherface or Jason in a hockey mask, I’d never make it and all others would survive because I’d fall first. You can thank me later for my sacrifice.

The Kid decided to join track and field as an athletic elective in school because she likes jumping hurdles, running and the associated activities. Unfortunately for her, she inherited my running skills. She wanted the hurdles but was assigned the 1600 meter run as her event. If you aren’t familiar with this distance, it’s a helluva bunch of laps approximately 4 laps around the track.

Passion Not PerfectionAt the last meet with all the schools in the district, The Kid’s event was called and everyone lined up at the start. The gun fired and all of them were off like rockets… except one. By the time all the other kids had blazed around 4 times and finished, The Kid was just coming up on her third lap. I was standing on the sidelines with the other spectators and noticed that none of the officials were really paying attention.

If this had been me in middle school, I would have huffed and puffed my way in and pretending that I had done all 4 laps. I would have faked it big time just to get it over with. Not The Kid, she just kept going and finished up that last lap. As she came down the home stretch towards the finish, all the parents (not just me) stood up clapping and cheering. She actually got the most applause out of all the kids running that event, even the winners didn’t get that fanfare.

I was so proud of her. She didn’t worry about being first or being last. She had passion for what she was doing. I think many of us get caught up in doing things perfectly and we lose sight of the real need – passion. Don’t worry about being the best at something. Just do what you love and the rest will just fall into place.

Always strive for passion over perfection. This applies to fitness, hobbies, work, eating, and just about any life skill you can think of. If you have passion for something, you end up just enjoying the time spent doing it instead of stressing over not doing it well. Pretty good lesson in that, isn’t it?

What is your passion?

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