Inspiring Others Through Example

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fortune cookieThe Kid and I stopped for dinner the other night at Pei Wei. I ended up having a pretty lucky evening. I ordered my usual Thai Dynamite Shrimp. I get the shrimp steamed with sauce on the side and extra veggies instead of rice. Delicious!

They made a mistake and brought my shrimp out fried. Ack! Fortunately for me, they completely remade the dinner the right way. They also let me keep the original dinner with all the veggies and gave me a $10 gift card for our next visit. It was simple enough to pick out the fried shrimp and score the extra meal of veggies!

To top the evening off, I cracked open my fortune cookie and got a great and fitting fortune. I love a good fortune.

Set the right example. It will inspire others.

This was one of my favorites, and I try to follow it every day. I’m typically pretty upbeat because life is too short to not enjoy it fully. I eat right and fit in exercise even though it’s not always convenient to do. At restaurants, I order off menu and customize it for me. Maybe others will realize that it’s actually possible to eat out and still eat healthy.

I rearrange my schedule to fit in workouts daily even when something sudden comes up. Working out is a priority for me and something I can’t miss for the sake of my health. Hopefully along the way others will see this and make little changes in their lives and become healthier.

If someone asks a question about what I do or why, I’m happy to answer their questions because it just might help them make a change they need. I think a lot of bad choices happen because people don’t know there are other options. People learn by watching others and following along. Even if you don’t realize it, you can have an influence over those around you especially your family members.

I’ve even got it on my bucket list to be a personal trainer. Trainer Man came along at the perfect time for me and completely changed my life. I hope to do that for others someday and pay the favor forward.

Are you setting the right example? You never know when you have the opportunity to inspire someone to make a great change.

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