The Power of Transformation – 5 Things to Think About

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Have you ever wanted to transform something? Artists do it all the time. They take a white canvas and turn it into a painting filled with colors or scenery, or a lump of clay and turn it into a recognizable shape. Even nature transforms itself regularly with bare trees turning to flowery budding blooms in the Spring. Everyone loves a good transformation.

Change can be good with new starts, fresh air and excitement. There are also things that are perfect just the way they are and should never be changed. Here are five transformation prompts for you to think about along with my answers:

My all time favorite makeover is…
Watching TV shows like What Not To Wear. OK, so it’s not just a single favorite makeover. I just love watching people start out not knowing what they are supposed to do then getting the chance to learn and transform themselves. It’s amazing what can be done to boost self esteem by dressing right and learning to feel comfortable in your own skin. It’s not about the size that you are. It’s about the fit of your clothes, how you carry yourself, and making an effort to put yourself together. Those simple things go so much further than you think.

I’d love to transform…
My house. Years ago when we moved in, everything was still white since the previous owners had never painted or decorated anything. I spent time working on and transforming each room, making it my own. That was years ago now and I’m feeling the need for a change again. I’ve been looking through some magazines and Pinterest for ideas. I just need to pick a room and start!

But I’d never change…
Being a single Mom. Obviously I wouldn’t wish it on anyone and I’d love it if The Kid’s father was involved in her life, but I wouldn’t change a thing about the way things are. The Kid and I have a bond that we probably wouldn’t have if we hadn’t been on our own or I’d had to share her with anyone else. I’ve learned what my priorities are in life and have no problem leaving work for school events, soccer games, surprise manicures. I’ve turned down travel for work so I’m home with her every night. I’m not saying it’s easy to be a parent 24 x 7 x 365, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Italian CountrysideThe one thing that makes everything better is…
Coffee, or more specifically espresso. I love the dense, slightly chocolately taste of it. Ooooh, it’s good. After a bad day I sit and relax with a shot of espresso, imagining that I’m somewhere in France or Italy enjoying the gorgeous scenery. It makes all the bad things melt away and puts a smile on my face. 🙂

Nature’s most magical transformation is…
During a snowfall. I miss snow since moving to Texas but get excited every time we get one of those magical events. I like the silence of snow when it’s coming down and there’s no one on the roads. The world is quiet and peaceful for those moments with no car noises. I like to watch the snowflakes fall, swirling around as they waft down to the ground. Even Thing One and Thing Two get excited. They sprint across the backyard, skipping and jumping through the snow like puppies.

Isn’t that countryside gorgeous? I love the colors and can imagine the sounds around me and the smell of the grass. Play along and think about how you would answer. Pick one of the prompts and leave a comment below or come on over to Facebook and tell me.

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