Today Is A Special Day – The End Of A Decade

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Happy-Anniversary-To-MeToday is a special day. Not just because it’s Halloween, but because it was ten years ago that we arrived in Texas. TEN years. An entire decade. It truly doesn’t seem that long. Ten years ago, I was 32 years old with a toddler. I was recently separated from my husband and no one in my family had ever lived outside of the DC area.

The trip getting here was Hell. Since it was a cross country move and the driver needed time to get from Maryland to Texas, everything I owned left in the moving truck a few days before we did. Even my car was loaded on board. All I had was me, The Kid, and Thing One. Everything was planned perfectly. The Kid and I stayed in a hotel for a couple days and I was scheduled to close on the house in Maryland, fly to Texas and close the next day on our new home.

The day before the first closing, I got word that the buyer’s mortgage had fallen through and they wouldn’t be buying my house. Without that, I couldn’t buy the house in Texas. You want to talk about a hysterical moment, that was it. My real estate agent in Texas told me I had to get on the plane because the moving truck was going to arrive and I had to accept possession of my stuff even if it was just to put it in storage.

I did a lot of begging for help that day. I pleaded with the mortgage company to rush through an approval for the new amount since I no longer had the down payment from my current home. I pleaded with the seller in Texas to let me move in on good faith since I had nowhere to go. Unfortunately he had already moved and we couldn’t reach him. My pleading was done via voicemail. I had to get on the plane with my kid and dog not knowing if I had a home waiting for me on the other side.

I remember sitting at the airport trying to remain sane. I was leaving my family, my friends, and all I had known to start over in the life of a true 24/7/365 single mom. Thankfully by the time we landed, the owner took pity on me and agreed to let me lease the house until the new mortgage went through. He took a huge chance on me and I’m grateful to this day. The truck with my stuff arrived as planned. Pretty much the only thing that went without a hitch. That first week was fraught with mishaps.

The cable guy fell through my ceiling and left a huge hole. The alarm guy tracked mud from the front door through the entire house on my white carpets. The dog walked in a fire ant mound and ended up stung from head to toe. The Kid was riding her tricycle around the pool, fell in, and I had to jump in to drag her out from the bottom. (ALWAYS watch your kids around pools! I was sitting right there and couldn’t believe it happened that fast.)

Six months after I got here, my employer went under in the recession. I managed to find another job and was laid off 6 months after that. I had to mow my lawn for the first time ever and I remember sobbing as I did it. I was sure I was going to amputate a limb with the mower. Seriously. I can look back now at all that happened and know 100% it was all worth it. I can even laugh at it. Despite everything, I picked myself up and kept moving forward.

I installed my own garage door opener, put in crown moulding, tiled my bathroom. I went to back to school and got my MBA during my time off. I found a permanent job and am still at the same employer today. I’m raising a pretty awesome kid with no help at all. I’ve jumped out of an airplane, learned to paint, found my voice in life. I’ve overhauled my health and got on stage in my 40s in a bikini and 5 inch heels without looking silly. I’ve become a personal trainer and certified in fitness nutrition.

The list goes on and on. A while ago my best friend said that I used to not do much of anything and now I’m doing it all. When we are in a rough patch, it can feel like the hits just keep coming. Some days it’s hard to just get up. Push through because what is coming might be what you were hoping for all along. Texas brought me my freedom and I wouldn’t change a thing that happened on the path to get here.

Anything is possible if you keep going. It’s only when you stop and give up that things don’t get accomplished. Everything we go through makes us the person we are today. Today… I’m truly happy.


  1. You’re amazing, lady, and I just love your writing. You ARE raising an awesome kid all on your own and you’re doing so well with everything. Keep moving forward. xoxo

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