Wanna Run A 10K Every Night?

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Roborovski hamsterI’ve got the perfect partner for you! Let me introduce you to Hammie. She’s a Roborovski hamster, and she’s very friendly which I’ve been told is strange for a Robo. They tend to bite so we really lucked out with her. As you can see, we’re very creative with names in our house too.

I was sitting here the other night and I was listening to the sound of Hammie furiously running in her wheel. A couple hours of TV watching later, and she was still running. She does this every night, rumbling away. We even had to put her in the guest room since she makes quite a bit of noise while going at it all night.

I got curious and googled to see just how far she might be running. Apparently the average Robo hamster runs around 6 – 7 miles a night. Wow, that’s a 10k or so. Every night. Some even run as much as 10 miles! I can only imagine if you scaled that distance to the human sized equivalent. No one makes Hammie do this. She just wakes up, eats a bit, washes dinner down with some water, and runs.

Every now and then she takes a break by running a lap around her cage to change up the scenery. There’s no drill sargeant with a bull horn, forcing her to do it. She doesn’t do it for a reward. There hasn’t been a night since we got her a year and a half ago that she hasn’t run her 10k either. She runs in winter and summer, whenever, because she loves it.

I’m thinking that I need to be more like Hammie. Not necessarily about running. I don’t think I’ll ever love that, but about exercise in general. I need to do it just for the love of it. For the feeling I get while doing it and the feeling I get afterwards. Some days I feel that way, but other days I do it for the reward coffee at the end.

Do you feel like Hammie does about exercise?

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