Moving Day (or Four) Is Here

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Word Press ScreenshotGood morning, readers! I’ve got a bit of exciting news for you. The readership of my blog has really taken off lately. I guess I really do have something interesting to say at times. I’ve been talking to people and reading furiously, and have made the decision to convert my blog over to another platform. The new platform has more freedom and a bunch of fun stuff that I can use while blogging.

I figured now is the time to bite the bullet while my blog is still small. I started working on it last night, but not everything transferred over perfectly. Most of my blog is fine, but there are a couple strange formatting issues and a few broken links mixed in. I’m busy fixing this and playing with themes so you may see some modifications over the next few days.

I’ve also purchased the Accidental Fitness Questdomain so I’ll have a permanent home for my ramblings! The site is live now so feel free to bookmark it. I’ll keep you posted on my progress so stay tuned for some new things coming!

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