My Busy Week In Review – Phew!

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Whoo doggie. Things have been crazy busy here this weekend so I apologize that I missed yesterday’s post. It wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to say. It was that I had stuff to say but no time to say it. I tend to panic when I get overwhelmed with things to do so I decided to do what the Happiness Project advised and just do what I could and try not to not stress over it. I got a lot done, but blogging was not one of them.

Lemon and OrangeYesterday I picked up our bi-weekly produce order from the co-op and was delighted to get a bunch of things I’ve never had. We got leeks, red chard, rainbow carrots, and red cabbage along with a ton of fruits and veggies that I’ve had in the past. You should see the rainbow carrots – purple, orange, yellow, and white! I’m dying to know if the colors affect the taste any. I’ll let you know.

Also included were a couple of the world’s largest lemons. I took a picture of the lemon next to a navel orange so you could see the size comparison. I sliced some and drank it in my water and I also tossed the peel down my garbage disposal for some lemony deodorizing.

In case you missed the excitement this week, here’s what happened before the weekend craziness hit:

Here’s hoping for a little bit of a slower week this week. Somehow I’ve got to find the time to do my taxes! I still haven’t done them and time is running out. Ugh. Have you done your taxes? Maybe I could send them rainbow carrots instead. 😉

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