Nature Or Nurture – Does It Apply To Food Preferences?

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salmon and green beansAre your kids picky eaters? Somehow I lucked out in that category. The Kid has had food allergies since birth so she isn’t able to eat most of the stuff that your typical kid might eat. Every time we go to a restaurant, we check out the kid’s menu and find things like mac and cheese, cheese pizza, chicken fingers, and grilled cheese.

Corn dogs, nuggets, and so on. I guess the average American kid loves cheesy, saucy goodness. Things you can dip. Eating is fun time entertainment when you can dip in sauce. ūüėČ

Since The Kid can’t eat or even touch anything dairy just about everything on a kid’s menu but a hamburger is off limits. It was just lately that we’ve seen grilled chicken show up. She’s grown up eating the same stuff that adults eat and has very adult tastes.

Some of it was an accident. I love sushi and have always shared with her. At one point while she was knee deep in a dinner fit for Shamu, she mentioned that it would be weird to eat raw fish. I had to explain the situation, and she was surprised but loved it too much at that point to give it up. One of her favorite dinners was tonight Рgrilled salmon and green beans. In massive amounts for a kid.

She’s grown up not eating casseroles and things like that for dinner, and loves the grilled proteins and steamed veggies. It makes me very glad to have a kid like her while I’m keeping my own diet in check. It forces me to read every food label for her benefit as well as mine. Some of the chemicals in foods are downright scary. Buttery crescent rolls are actually dairy free and contain chemicals to make them buttery.

Because it’s due to a food allergy, she’s never questioned. It’s just the way her world is and she doesn’t know any better. Makes me wonder if we raised the next generation without all the cheesy things if they would even care or long for them. If you never have the typical American diet, do you crave it or opt for healthy because it’s what you always eat? What do you think? Are food tastes a product of our environment?

PS – The Kid does eat her fair share of junk food like chips and cookies but I think she is out of the norm with preferring healthy stuff at meals. I don’t want you to think she eats healthy 100% of the time by any stretch.

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