New Look To Go With The New Me

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So I have to admit that this last week has been weird for me. I can see you sitting there looking surprised. Aren’t all my weeks weird? Hence weird with the for me addition to clarify. I’ve been kind of wandering a little lost now that all the competition frenzy has come to a screeching halt. For months I’ve been focused on that goal and getting there. My house fell by the wayside and is no longer the operating room level of clean it always was. I amassed a tower of unread magazines because I had no free time to read them. I arrived at my goal and realized there was a mystery on the other side. Helloooooooooo?! Anyone home?

I decided to loosen up my eating a bit, relax, not work in 600 calories of cardio a day, and just wander through with whatever happens. Just for one week. I didn’t aim to go crazy on an eating frenzy, just to eat more of what I was eating with a treat or two thrown in. After some of the extra calories soaked into my carb and fat deprived brain, I began returning to my old self. The clouds parted and I once again was able to follow simple directions and comprehend the basic English language!

This week has been relaxing (albeit very emotional too) and gave me time to think and plan. I went a little crazy on self help and journal book buying along with laying on the sofa pondering the mysteries of life. I still didn’t get to that magazine tower though. I finally broke down and got some new clothes that actually fit. No more wearing pants that are cinched tightly around the waist like a paper bag so they don’t hit the ground when I stand. I tried some new foods at some new restaurants including a vegan place. The BBQ salad was quite tasty despite being being cow free. I picture a field somewhere of seitans roaming around!

I decided that since there is a new me emerging, it was time for a new look for the blog. It’s still basic, but I like it and plan to play with it a bit until it’s what I envision. I’ll add a page here and there, maybe some new features. (Anything in particular you’d like to see?) I plan to do the same thing with me. My body is basic, but I like it now. A few more tweaks here and there and it will be the me I have in mind!

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