Old Man Winter Is Just Around The Corner Behind The Winds

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Dallas-SkylineToday was that stormy windy day that we always get when Fall decides that it is ready to stay for a while. It’s that day when every single one of the trees in the neighborhood lose every one of their leaves. Right into my backyard. Ironic since I actually don’t have any trees at all in my yard. Typically I boycott raking leaves and just wait until they blow on their merry way somewhere else or disintegrate. Whichever comes first. I’m not picky.

The Kid and I decided to spend the afternoon at the mall today. We went to the fancy schmancy mall that has tons of stores that I could never afford nor pronounce some of their names. They have a few of the standard mall stores but it’s fun to peek in the windows of the expensive ones for a change. We came home empty handed, as planned.

We did manage a pit stop on the way back at Whole Foods for dinner. I seriously love the salad bar there. Have you ever tried it? They have all kinds of veggies including some of the non-standard salad bar veggies. Butternut squash, shredded zucchini, grilled beets. They also have all kinds of things to add into it like couscous, roasted tofu, wheat berry salad! I’m glad that there isn’t one closer to us or I’d be in serious salad bar debt.

In case you missed any of the fun stuff this week, here’s what happened:

The weekend flew by for me and I got a ton of things done including my list of 43 things to do before I’m 44!!! The list is complete and I’m ready to start getting them done. You’ll have to remain in suspense for a little while longer.

Have a great evening and rest up for some new workout challenges this week!

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