Passion And Happiness To Wrap Up 2012

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Pursue Your PassionToday marks the final day of the year long Even Happier  Quest. This is probably one of the best things I’ve undertaken in a long time and I’ve learned a lot along the way about myself and what truly makes me happy. It’s funny how something like this can make you learn more about yourself. Since tomorrow marks a new year, I encourage you to start your own Happiness Project and give it your own spin. Pick things to tackle based on areas that mean something to you, things you need to work on, and of course things that push you to work on increasing your happiness.

As a final wrap up, I’m going back to one of my favorites in September to Pursue Your Passion. This part of the project was one of the most challenging for me as a perfectionist. I started out with the idea of making more time for digital scrapbooking, but I’ve recently found a new passion in painting. Even though I’d always wanted to, I’d never actually given it a try before this year.

Since the theme of the year was empowerment, painting was among the new things to try to empower myself. No one could have been more surprised than me to discover that I not only like painting, but I’m actually pretty good with it. Some of my favorite paintings are the ones that I started out hating the most. Through painting I’m learning to take a different perspective on things.

Not everything needs to be perfect. You don’t have to start with a plan. Sometimes it’s better to just start and go where things take you. Accidents don’t have to ruin everything. You can always change course part way through and things can still turn out great. As silly as it sounds, painting is actually giving me a different perspective on life. Without the Happiness Project, I may never have given this a try and I would have missed out on the freedom of expression and enjoyment that painting provides.

If you’re thinking about starting your own Happiness Project, definitely check out Gretchen Rubin’s book to get her take on improving happiness. Make it your own and see where it takes you. You’ll love the journey.

What’s the first thing you’re going to tackle this year?

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