Prepping For Our First 5k, In Full Color!

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Creative KidIf there was ever any doubt that she’s mine, just take a look at what The Kid does when she’s bored and left alone with a marker and my phone. Suddenly she’s blessed with magical eyebrows. There was another pic where she moved it down to be a mustache. Creative. 😉

We made it to Friday, thankfully. It was a busy week filled with all kinds of workouts and running. This time for both me and The Kid. Squeee! She’s trying out for track and field at school. I can’t tell you how excited it makes me that she’s doing this.

I was never athletic in school. I dreaded just about every day in gym regardless of the activity. Except maybe badminton. I’m not sure why I liked that module in gym class, but it was fun and I was relatively good at it. Maybe that’s the reason I liked it. I didn’t suck at it. Funny how that works.

So the mere fact that I’m raising a kid that not only likes athletics, but chooses it as her elective is mind blowing and proof that I’m doing something right. She’s been coming home each week announcing her times on the 100m run, the 200m run, and other distances. She’s looking forward to jumping hurdles and even said that they have pole vaulting.

As a mom, that part freaks me out. The thought of my baby impaling herself on this pole scares me. Hopefully she didn’t inherit my coordination or this is a distinct possibility. Apparently they pick the two track activities that you are best at and those are your things to do in the meets. Keep your fingers crossed that she’s not good at pole vaulting. Gah!

We also get to pick up our race packets tonight for The Color Run on Sunday! I’ve done absolutely no running prep for this race. Are you supposed to prep in some way or is just cardio in general good enough? I guess we will find out if I can run 5k in a decent time or not. I run sprints several times a week so maybe I can just do 5k in 30 second sprints.

I need to get our white sweatshirts for the event. I hope to get some good pics to document both the colorific mess we turn into and the first race of the Mom and Kid team. Did you actually enjoy athletics in school? Know anyone who has impaled themselves on a pole vaulting pole? TGIF!

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