Scenes From A Busy Week – Time To Catch Up

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The Kid and I have been extra busy this weekend with all kinds of her must dos and fun to dos. I’m sitting here now trying not to look in Halloween horror at my to do list, so I decided to visit the Land of Denial and blog instead. Hold on while I get my crown so I can look the part of the Queen of Denial.

As I posted on Facebook, I am repeating to myself that I don’t have to get everything done today. I will focus on the important stuff that must happen today and the rest can wait for some other time. I managed to get my workout in and I ate breakfast so far. Two feats of accomplishment under my belt. So now let me run down the good stuff we’ve been up to.

I decided last Friday that we’re going to break out of our rut for Friday Night Dinner. We usually choose one of our old standbys and order the same thing off the menu. We drove to a neighboring city last week and had the most delicious tacos that were made from locally sourced meats and produce. Since that was so successful, we decided to head in another direction for this adventure.

Food-TrucksThe latest craze here are the food trucks. Do you have them near you? I know a lot of bigger cities are getting their own food truck parks. If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, it’s basically a mobile restaurant where they drive up to a vacant lot, cluster together, and pop open the side for business. Kinda like an ice cream truck but to prepare food – seriously gourmet food, like from top chefs!

The Kid went with steak tacos from Salsa Limon complete with pickled jalapeno cabbage, avocado, and onion. They smelled and looked delish. She must have agreed because the first order of two was repeated with another order of two.

I opted for the King Louis at the Chunky Monkey. It was a pita with chicken shawarma, BBQ sauce, colby cheese (!), and cole slaw. Holy crap was it awesome. Afterwards we swung by our favorite vegan restaurant Spiral Diner for dessert.

Since The Kid has a dairy allergy, it’s beyond great to have a restaurant to order anything off the menu and not have to ask how it’s prepared or what’s in it. In particular the dessert menu which has things like brownie explosions and the warm cookie hot fudge sundae with whipped “cream” and chocolate chips.

Saturday morning we had to get up early and head to regional band tryouts. Last week The Kid made district band and this is one step up. Tryouts went well and we are awaiting the verdict. Fingers crossed. Afterwards The Kid went to the mall with a friend while I hit the gym. I made a pit stop on the way home and I got a fancy new crock pot. It’s programmable so it switches to warm after it’s done cooking. Squeeeee!  I totally blame the Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon for this impulse purchase.

Last night we headed over to a haunted festival that our city was throwing called GrapeYard. It’s a play on the word graveyard but it’s in our vineyards here so naturally it made more sense to change it to GrapeYard. Yawn. Kidding. Since there were tons of kids involved, the haunted part was really tame. It was mainly magic shows, kooky krafts, food vendors, and vineyard walks.

Grape-ManI’ll tell you though, this guy completely creeped me. He was wrapped head to toe in grape vines and grape clusters and walked around grabbing people or poking them with his stilts-for-arms. Gah, he looked just like the swamp thing in horror movies and I wanted nothing to do with his antics. He was making little kids scream and cry so I wasn’t the only one who didn’t like him.

Since we were so busy doing all of the above, I still have my entire weekend to do list left. We’ll see just how much I can manage to knock out. In case you missed anything else this week, here’s what happened:

Looking back it was a pretty great week, filled with lots of fun and smiles. I hope yours was just as amazing. Did you do anything fun? I’m sitting here in my crown waiting to hear about it. Do tell. I may even let you wear the crown for a bit but you have to promise to do nothing on your to do list while you’ve got it on. 😉

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