Seasickness And The Silver Shoes

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I was walking Thing Two yesterday and I realized that it was the first time ever that a day passed without me seeing or talking to The Kid. They set sail Sunday evening and it was a day and a half before they were due to dock and she was going to be able to call me. I didn’t realize that it would seem so long. As I was getting ready for work this morning, I was surprised with the long awaited phone call. Phew, talk about seeming like forever.

The Kid was so excited to actually be seeing Bermuda! Her first foreign country and “it’s so cool!” Never one to be short on stories, she did not disappoint. With the pride of showing me a perfect report card, she gleefully said “Guess what, Mommy!” Apparently she was seasick all day yesterday and managed to barf all over her silver sequin shoes. Such a proud moment in parenting for me. I silently chuckled at the thought of Grandma on vacation cleaning up barf.

Today was a whirlwind of activity since I had to go back to work after two vacation days. It took half the day to actually dig out of the flood of emails. I have a really great team to work with though. Not once am I ever met with even a hint of negative attitude and I couldn’t ask for a better group of people. Trust me, there are times when negative attitude would be perfectly justified. I’m impressed with their organization and creativity, and hope to learn from them along the way.

I received notice today that they’ve shipped my next order of Shakeology. I’m getting greenberry this time so look for a month’s worth of greenberry recipes shortly to add to your chocolate collection. Hopefully this flavor is as versatile and can be crafted into some tasty flavors, popsicles and other mixtures. I’ll put money on it right now that there will be some interestingly colored recipes. Green doesn’t tend to play well with other colors. I’m envisioning weird shades in my future.

Now let me take a step up onto my soapbox for a moment before I wrap this up for the evening. Don’t let negative thoughts get in the way of your progress. I am guilty of this myself and need to get better at it. People tend to be unable to graciously accept compliments that are given to them without following up with a but. The other day a friend and I were talking and she mentioned that my arms were really starting to show definition. It’s true, but in my head I found myself thinking “Yes, but they still aren’t where I want them to be.”

I purposely had to make an effort to stop those thoughts and get them out of my head. There was no hidden meaning in her compliment, and she meant what she said. It was what it was right there on the surface. A heartfelt compliment and I almost missed it with a negative thought! When someone gives you a compliment, take it and give yourself a huge pat on the back for it. You’ll stand a little straighter and really feel good. Do it enough and it becomes habit.

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