Even Small Victories Should Be Celebrated

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celebration sorbetToday was an interesting day. I completed my very first partner WOD at Crossfit plus I did leg day at the gym on my own! Two great accomplishments all rolled into one Saturday. One thing I’ve learned about me is that I hate to be partnered up, especially in anything athletic.

It’s not for the reasons you are probably thinking. I am a team player and have nothing against the others. Quite the opposite. I hate being the one to cause someone to lose or cause someone to have to do extra to pull my weight. Gosh, guilt is a horrible thing with me. Most times I am the slowest or the least coordinated. It doesn’t bother me one bit… until I’m in a team or partner situation.

Yes, I have issues. 😉 So I had a sinking feeling in my stomach last night when I read that today’s WOD was a partner WOD. I hemmed and hawwed. I pondered just doing my usual lifting workout only. I didn’t want to go but I went any way. Talk about progress! I impressed myself. We warmed up, partnered up, and did the WOD. 100 deadlift/high pulls with a 65 lb bar combined with 5 burpees at the top of each minute.

My partner and I completed the WOD in 4:41! There was a moment or two where I was convinced my glutes would rip off and slap me in the back of the head though. If we weren’t partnered, I definitely would have gone lighter. I wasn’t about ready to ruin her workout with a light bar so I guess it was a good thing to push me.

I was slower than she was, but one great benefit about Crossfit is that everyone cheers on everyone else. It’s different than anything I’ve been involved with before. While other partners were resting, they were encouraging other teams. There’s no animosity, no yelling at each other for screwing up. Phew! That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

We went on to do tabatta lateral jumps over the barbell to complete the workout, then I hightailed it over to the gym to do the leg workout that Trainer Man had outlined for me. I think I am more than just a wee bit insane. My back was really aching towards the end with a superset of squats and jump squats. I did it and once again I was the only girl in the weight section known as Man Land.

The Kid and I did some shopping to celebrate today’s victories. I stocked up on vitamins, got a new pair of shoes (love the shoes), a couple new video games (yay, GameStop Southlake for such friendly workers), and some new candles to keep the house smelling yummy for the upcoming holidays! We also celebrated with ice cream, or in The Kid’s case sorbet since she’s got that dairy allergy.

Today was truly an awesome, jam packed full of fun day! What were you up to today? Any victories on your side? I’d love to hear about them!

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