Do You Have That Spark? I Do!

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meA couple years ago when I was just starting my journey, I found a great site called SparkPeople filled with people just like me. Average every day people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels working towards some kind of fitness. I poked around, started reading, and quickly joined several teams that I related with. As my goals and fitness levels have evolved so have the teams that I’ve joined. I’ve left some and joined others. The great thing about SparkPeople is that you can always find a place where you fit in.

I love reading the success stories and getting motivated by everyone. It really is a great and supportive community of people. I’ve been a member of the Body Building, Bikini, Fitness and Figure for Women team for a while now. The ladies on the team (occasionally a man or two floats in) are great with giving advice, cheering from the sidelines, and telling the tales of their experiences as competitors. We all live in different areas, some have trainers, and some are on our own. Some have done contests, some are in contest prep, and some are in the considering stages.

A few months back I posted in a panic regarding my lack of heel walking ability. I quickly got a dozen replies with suggestions, assistance, and just-do-its from everyone. I’ve even jumped in and replied to some questions myself. I recently got an email from a team member that really touched my heart and confirmed that I’ve found a great place.

“You are an inspiration. I am currently struggling with my competition prep and I really needed a post like yours.”

Wow, she has no idea that how much that meant to me to read. I actually made a difference to someone and felt all warm and fuzzy inside.

Yesterday there was a wonderful change in my membership status for the team. I was asked to become Team Leader and I proudly accepted the honor. I’m so excited to actually share my experience, set challenges, and work with these great competitors, future competitors and those just exploring if it’s right for them. I hope I can motivate them even half as much as they motivate me.

If you’re in the neighborhood, drop by and join our team. I bet you’ll find that you’ll be right at home in our group of great people!

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