Springing Forward Into Sunday… Reluctantly

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Week in ReviewI love getting up early on the weekends. I sit in bed drinking my coffee and enjoy the silence of the world. Especially on Sunday mornings when no one is up that early. I woke up this morning at what I thought was my usual, dark 6 am. Then I looked at my cable box and was reminded that it was now officially 7 am.

Still dark and silent though. I mean, I knew ahead of time that the clocks were moving. I just conveniently “forgot” or is it really called denial? Just like that an hour was gone so now I gotta get busy making up for lost time! In case you missed it this week, here’s the lowdown:

Tonight The Kid and I are going through our day trip book and picking the first trip for our Spring Break adventure. I wonder where we will go – North, South, East or West? Hmmm, so many choices. Which direction would you go?

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