The Other White Meat May Not Be Real Meat

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The Kid and I were in Fort Worth yesterday and ended up at our favorite restaurant – Spiral Diner. We found this place about a year ago and ever since if we’re in the area, we drop by for a little something. Now I admit I’m a meat eater. I eat flocks of chickens and herds of cows.

BBQ SaladMy mother is a vegetarian. When she’s in town, I eat what she eats and dream of burgers and animal bits until I drop her off at the airport. There’s just something about Spiral Diner that makes it completely amazing even though it’s vegan. Not just vegetarian, but hard core no animal products whatsoever.

The BBQ sandwich they have is awesome. When we were there yesterday, the sandwich didn’t fit into my macros so I opted for the BBQ salad which was basically my sandwich without the bread. Another winner! Instead of BBQ meat it was BBQ seitan.

It was so good that I actually went to a local foodie heaven here to try to find seitan to make on my own meatless meal. I found it in the tofu section but it’s not soy-based. It’s wheat gluten that they somehow craft into strips and cubes that resemble meat.

I was impressed to discover that it is pretty much equivalent to real meat in the protein level. It’s not just your average wimpy tofu with 11g of protein. Seitan has 20g of protein per 110 calorie serving! Holy cow! (Get it? Hee hee.) I googled and found that it’s relatively easy (albeit time consuming) to even make on your own. I may give it a shot some weekend.Sauteed Veggies

Unfortunately while I was at said foodie heaven, I fell for their trap and purchased a sautee kit of veggies. Given that I had already picked up my 40 pound produce share and crammed it into the fridge, I did NOT need these veggies. I guess there are worse addictions to have than a veggie addiction.

They turned out really good too and there are some leftover to savor. Is there a place like this that you just can’t resist? What is your impulse purchase? I need some new ideas. 😉

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