The Path To Being A Yogi Ends In A Big Burger

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Every now and then I have to admit that I was wrong. Thankfully I’m not one of those people that will die on the Hill of Righteousness. I’m usually happy to admit I’m wrong when it happens. This is one of those times.

If you recall a few months ago, I posted about the myth of the yoga calorie burn. In fact, I poo pooed the paltry burn that I experienced at that time and was quite frustrated. I even gave up on yoga for a bit. Despite this disappointment, I actually went on to officially join the yoga studio and kept with it for the stretching benefits.

This week was my first week back after surgery to both yoga and working out. Since I still had to take it easy on the weights, I decided to try something different with yoga that I hadn’t done before. I focused all my concentration on what the teacher was telling us to do. I inhaled when they said to, I exhaled on cue.

I clenched glutes, sucked in abs, and everything exactly as told. I also wore my heart rate monitor for the first time since the original test which yielded a 172 calorie burn result. This time I burned almost 500 calories in class! Yes! I didn’t just go through the motions, but focused on being a real yogi.

I actually had a pretty high heart rate and sweated like you wouldn’t believe. I have taken 5 yoga classes this week and am very proud of myself and my new found flexibility. I’ve even improved a bit on some of the postures just in the week and pushed myself more than usual.

To celebrate, I had a delicious Paleo-friendly burger last night for Friday Night Dinner with The Kid. Paleo BurgerTwo patties with pico di gallo, mustard, mayo, lettuce, extra tomatoes, and an iceburg lettuce bun. Man o’ man was that good! I’d gladly give up my bun and fries to have a burger like this.

Look at the sight to behold! Yes, I took a picture of it. I wish I’d ponied up the extra money for avocado slices but I’m cheap and refuse to pay for burger toppings. Next time I might get jalapenos. Mmmmm.

Have you ever tried a burger with a lettuce bun? What are your favorite toppings on your burger?

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