The Triad Of Agua AKA 3 Liters of Water

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I’ve been making some major changes in myself lately and trying to change some of my thinking. You may have noticed a few new themes going on here at Accidental Fitness Quest.

  • Motivation Monday – Updates on the Happier Quest that I’ve embarked on
  • Tasty Tuesday – Concoctions that I’ve created and recipes to share
  • Workout Wednesday – Ideas and info about my latest workouts

Thursdays I reserve for random thoughts or tips that have helped me out. Some of these I’ve fought just about every step of the way. I poo pooed the advice I was given as nonsense or something that wouldn’t work for me. Then I went all Nike and just did it, and found that it actually works.

1.5 liter water bottleYou read everywhere about drinking more water. The amounts vary – 8 to 10 cups a day, a gallon a day, 2 liters. Water is the fountain (heehee) of youth. Drink it cold and your body burns more calories heating it up inside. I set a goal a few weeks ago to drink 3 liters a day. Not sure why I went with 3 but it sounded good. The triad of agua.

It took me almost two weeks to reach the goal. I easily broke the 2 liter barrier, 2.5 was a struggle. I finally managed 3 and have been consistent with it. The biggest thing I’ve found true is that it really helps with hunger. Seriously. I am a bottomless pit and I’ve been eating less than normal because the water swells up breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I don’t bother drinking it cold so I can’t vouch for the extra calorie burn heating the water up inside, but hiking back and forth all day to the bathroom gets me up and moving more often. Maybe I should try getting there in sprints. 😉

I stop once a week and pick up a fresh 1.5 liter bottle. I down two of them a day consistently now. So my advice is to drink your water because it will fend off hunger and help you stay on track with your eating.

Do you have any tips that you thought were silly until you tried them?


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