Finding My Mom Mojo Today With Some Exercise Tips

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Even Happier QuestAs part of my mission on the Even Happier Quest to pay more attention during October, I’ve been working on being more mindful about what I’m feeling during my workouts instead of always relying on my heart rate monitor and aiming for a goal number. It matters just as much to push and challenge myself during workouts as it does to reach a specific calorie burn.

I’ve also been trying to recognize true hunger and am using my food journal for that. So far so good! I’m definitely noticing patterns in my eating. For example, I probably go too long between meals on the weekends because I’m so busy getting chores and errands run that I don’t notice that I’m hungry. Do you do have trouble remembering to eat on weekends? Conversely if it’s a slower day at work, I’m starving half the day. Note to self: You probably aren’t hungry but mentally bored.

I’m sure you’ve seen studies and heard the advice that exercise is a huge factor in our level of happiness. It’s that old runner’s high. When we exercise, it increases the level of endorphins and improves our mood. It gives us energy to do more of the things that we have love to do. It also wears us out and makes us sleep better at night. Just ask those around me how much better my mood is when I sleep well. 😉

So with everything else that’s packed into your busy schedule, how do you manage to squeeze in a workout? Paying attention to your schedule and looking for those opportune moments is a huge help. You don’t always need a big block of time. 10 – 15 minutes here and there go a long way. If you aren’t paying attention, those little breaks might pass you by as a missed opportunity.

Today I’m over with Susan at The Confident Mom talking about how to fit exercise in with everything else you have to get done as part of her 31 Days of Mom Mojo series. If anyone knows about paying attention and organizing a household, it’s Susan. I love the series that she’s put together. It’s got a bit of everything from nutrition to exercise to other must have time management tips that she lives every day.

Dads and busy non-parents can benefit from it too so don’t think you’re off the hook. Many evenings I find myself squeezing cardio between after school activities, band concerts, and more with my quick challenges. If you’re prepared and paying attention, you’ll be ready for a workout when you suddenly find you’ve got 15 minutes. I didn’t have a chance to get my workout in at lunch so I ran sprints in the backyard while dinner was simmering.

Keep an eye out for the opportunity and you’ll be 15 minutes away from a smile on your face. Make sure to check out my guest post at The Confident Mom for a few more tips and a special offer on my 4 week online coaching program!

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