Gadgets Galore In The Kitchen

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rice steamerI’ve been wanting to do some shopping recently but I haven’t really found anything clothes-wise that I’ve found unable to resist. I decided that I would get a kitchen gadget instead since I can always use a new gadget to play around with. Actually I ended up getting two – one gadget and one non-gadget.

I got a fancy wooden set of shakers for sea salt and a peppermill. I’ve never had anything like them before and used them making dinner last night. Ooh la la. I also got a mandolin slicer so that I can slice veggies into different sized pieces for stir fry and other dishes. I can do crinkle cut, julienne, and other shaped slices. Weird for the normal person, but thrilling for me.

It got me thinking about kitchen gadgets that I can’t live without. There are two for sure (probably more) that made the list. A rice steamer and a crock pot. I’ve had my rice steamer for about 15 years. Yes, you read that right and it’s still kicking! The one I have is made by Black & Decker. It makes amazing sticky rice with just a twist of the dial, but it’s all purpose too.

I don’t eat rice much anymore, but I use it often to steam veggies. Best of all, it makes hard boiled eggs! You toss gently place in a dozen eggs, set it for 30 minutes, and voila. A dozen hard boiled eggs without having to stand around making sure the water doesn’t boil over or boil away. No watching required at all since it shuts off automatically. Blows away that saying about a watched pot never boils.

The crock pot is another time saver to help out at dinner time. Mix up veggies, meat, and seasonings. Turn it on, leave for work, and come home to dinner. It’s almost like having a personal chef. Yeah, OK, not so much like a personal chef but great nonetheless. I have a simple crock pot recipe to share with you this week that will have you eating for days. Stay tuned because it’s a “don’t miss this” recipe.

What are some kitchen gadgets that you can’t live without? Let me know. If I don’t have them, I may need to buy them. 😉

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