My To Do list is getting done… at last

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Foggy brains create the need for To Do lists. I’ve got a ton of things that I need to get done on a daily basis and I used to keep a list locked safely away in my brain. I mentally checked them off as they got done and life ran smoothly. Then a child, dogs, workouts, job, and multiple scheduled activities entered the picture and things took a complicated turn. As the list got more overwhelming, I graduated to sticky notes and real lists scribbled in a notebook. I even had a special purple pen and fancy stickies just for the To Do list occasion.

Unfortunately my To Do stickies were like rabbits and they quickly multiplied at the speed of light if left alone. My To Do notebook became stuffed with random stickies and the list in my brain consisted of things to remember to write on a sticky for the actual list. After many an epic fail with things that didn’t get done since the needed sticky was home and I was at work, or I was at the store and the sticky was home. Well, you can see how this system was not a well oiled machine.

I recently found the answer to my To Do list prayers in the form of an app called Evernote. If you haven’t given it a try, you’re missing out on this must have tool. Evernote lives both on your computer and on your phone. You create a note in one place and it immediately syncs up with the other place. Poof, just like that! Instant note access from multiple venues. You can type a plain vanilla note or leave verbal motivational notes if you’re driving and shouldn’t be endangering lives. “Dear Adrianne, You are awesome! Love Adrianne.” You can even Evernote web pages to pull up and peruse at a later date.

Since I started using this, my notes are with me all the time considering I’m rarely without my phone in hand. My notes are neatly organized into Harry Potter sized Evernotebooks, in titles of my choosing and tagged so that I can easily find the exact note wherever I am. One of the coolest features is the picture notes. I was flipping through a book at Barnes & Noble the other day and saw a page with interesting tidbits. The pre-Evernote me would have sighed and wistfully turned the page. Click, snap, and suddenly I had a picture note of the exact page for future reference.

No more furious digging in my purse for a sticky and pen to scribble a note. Random thoughts come to mind – Evernote to the rescue! Before the thoughts would have vanished like mythical unicorns, now they are immediately recorded for posterity. My efficiency quotient has skyrocketed and once again all is right with my world. Best of all, I didn’t have to spend a cent. Evernote is free!

What are the life changing, must have apps that you use?

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