Nothing Like A New Pair Of Shoes To Make Happy Feet

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New Minimus ShoesAre you picky about your workout shoes? I didn’t used to be but I think I’ve turned that direction. I’m now the Princess and the Pea of workout shoes. I used to get really supportive cross trainers that allowed my feet to move in all kinds of directions but still be supported. “They” tell you that’s what you need for jumping and leaping around or your feet and knees will suffer.

The cross trainers were stiff and always seemed to rub weird on my ankle or parts of my feet. Not a blister type rub but more like pressure that became uncomfortable and cause red indentations. Then I went the other direction and gave the Five Fingers a try. These are the barefoot shoes that look like feet and have a separate place for each toe.

I like them for walking and kickboxing because they don’t feel weird and my feet can move how they want to move. I didn’t like them for lifting though since they sometimes catch on the floor since they’re grippy. I need to be able to move my feet where I want them to go when I want them to go when carrying heavy things.

About six months ago, I found the perfect shoe for me. The New Balance Minimus. It’s a shoe but the bare minimum of a shoe. It doesn’t press weirdly on the tootsies. It doesn’t grab the floor for dear life. My feet can move and breathe. I wear them running, kickboxing, sprinting, lifting, and for plyometrics with no problems. I even wear them on the weekends for every day wear.

I wore out my first pair and just got my new pair this week. Perfect right out of the box with no break in time needed. I even got a bright new color which is a little out of my comfort zone. Does this count as aiming higher? I admit the color selection for the Minimus is a little disappointing and not really standard color combinations. I can live with it though for comfort.

Do you have a favorite workout shoe?

PS – I was not compensated in any way for this review nor asked to do the review by anyone. I just personally love the shoes and thought I’d share. I purchased all pairs of shoes mentioned above with my own money. Although I do dream of someone giving me surprise free shoes someday. 😉

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