It’s Time to Relax and Postpone Panic

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Do you panic on the weekends like I tend to do? During the week I add to my To Do List and it’s OK because I’ll have time on the weekend to get some of it done. Then the weekend comes and there just isn’t time to get it all done. Panic is probably not the right word but it’s definitely stressful.

Pool TimeThis weekend I made a conscious effort to just go with the flow. Do what I could do and just try not to worry about the rest of it. Instead of leaping out of bed first thing this morning with the mindset of doing it all, I sat for a bit and drank my coffee in silence by the pool. As you can tell, the world didn’t end. I’m going to focus on doing what I can and organizing my To Do List.

The plan is to pencil in a day of the week next to each item so I can try to break it up a bit and do a few during the week. More time on the weekends that aren’t filled with stuff would be nice. I also poked around on my phone, deleted all those apps that I never use, and organized the rest. Very satisfying to have an organized phone now. 😉

In case you missed what happened around here…

I went grocery shopping today and am planning to try out at least 3 new recipes this week. I’m excited to add some new flavors and dishes to my list. What are you looking forward to this week? Do you stress over the weekend? Any tips for me?

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