The Coolest Gym Bag Ever With A Place For My Shoes

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For the last year, I’ve had the luxury of being able to stop by home before having to go see my trainer. I could change into workout clothes at my leisure and travel light. Keys, water bottle, and towel were all I needed. Now that I’m a “real” gym member with a new schedule for summertime, I’ve been rushing to both gyms right after work with no pit stop between. This forced me to carry my workout clothes and other related items with me (gasp) in a plastic shopping bag. Yes, how very upscale of me.

Imagine me lugging my purse, my massive lunchbox, and a plastic bag packed full of clothes and such. Not a pretty sight. My plastic bags didn’t hold up well so I’m glad I had an endless supply at least. I decided to bite the bullet and get a gym bag. I didn’t want just any gym bag, but one that would be multi-purpose and last for a while. It had to hold everything that I needed for the gym, day trip, or short vacation. Ideally it wouldn’t look like a gym bag.

A fellow competitor said that she had a LiveWell360 bag and highly recommended one. I perused the site, looked at measurements, options, and colors. I hemmed and I hawed, and spent a few days thinking about it. I decided on the Core 360 in a lovely gray color since gray is the new black and goes with just about any color. I knew I wasn’t planning on bending myself into weird positions for yoga so the bags with the yoga mat straps really didn’t have much influence on me. Ha, I guess I could have gotten a massive coffee-filled thermos and used the straps.

My bag arrived this week and I was thrilled to move into the stylish gym goer world. The coolest features are the many zippered pockets. There’s plenty of places for keys, bottles, deodorant, and hair things so that they don’t just roll around in the bag. Plus! My favorite of all… a separate zippered shoe compartment that is vented for your nasal pleasure. No more sweaty shoes sealed in a plastic bag, fermenting away for me!

LiveWell360 is having a giveaway where you can actually enter to win a bag of your very own! There are three chances to win a bag and a bunch of other yummies and perks along with it. I entered and have my fingers crossed for a purple bag so that I’ll have options. Purple will go well with my workout shoes too.

Click here to enter the giveaway or find out more. Please know that I didn’t get compensated for my review and I bought my bag on my own. It’s pretty cool!

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