Treating Myself For National Yoga Month

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triangle poseDid you know that September is National Yoga Month? First of all, I didn’t realize that there was a month dedicated to inspire and educate others about yoga. Secondly, I wonder if there is a dedication for every month in the year and I’m missing out on this knowledge. I have to research and figure out what October will be. National Candy Giving Month?

If you’ve followed my yoga journey, you realize it was a little rocky from the get go. There were a few false starts where I hated it but kept trying to like it. It was a matter of finding the right kind of yoga that fit my personality. It turned out that I love hot yoga the most. It must be all that sweating that makes me feel like it’s just gotta be doing something. It definitely isn’t for everyone. My mother is a yoga teacher and she hates hot yoga.

I also had to learn to accept yoga for what it was and not try to turn it into something more. That’s hard for us Type A personalities. It’s not a huge calorie burner that will give me amazing muscles. There’s a time and a place for that and it’s not in the yoga studio. Once I just let my inner zen come out, yoga was actually enjoyable and I signed up for a monthly membership at a studio near me.

I went faithfully for quite a while and had noticeable changes in my flexibility. Unfortunately their schedule changed and construction began happening. Suddenly my 90 minute class was taking well over 2 hours and I just don’t have that kind of time for anything even if it’s good for me. I fell into the trap of getting home and sitting down. After that it was too easy to just not go when other stuff got in the way. I stopped going and really missed it.

I recently found a great option with online yoga classes through Yoga Download. I had never heard of them before but I got a coupon for a free class and decided to give them a try a couple months ago. I really liked the class that I chose and gave a few more a try. They have a huge selection of classes of all different lengths and types. Some are video classes where you can follow along and see the poses in action. Some are audio only for those who know the poses and can follow verbal queues.

They even have a good number of shorter classes for free. My favorite word – FREE! I really like the fact that I can take a class anytime I want. Late at night before bed, Sunday evening when I’m bored with TV, whenever. Try finding a yoga studio that has classes at odd times. You can’t around here at least. There’s also no drive time to contend with so I can stand up, click a few class links, and be downward dogging in minutes.

One of the best parts is that if I don’t like the class I picked, I can stop and choose another one. There’s no showing up for class and having to just do it even though it’s not my favorite instructor.  I can pick one that suits the mood that I’m in and the purpose I need. Sometimes I just need to stretch myself out and sometimes I want more powerful poses. The other night I did a fusion class that had my arms screaming with holds.

I tried a bunch of the free classes and then downloaded a few of the paid ones. I loved them all. A couple weeks ago they had a special to sign up for an annual membership for half price and I jumped at the deal. I highly recommend checking them out and trying a few free classes. Play around with different types and see if there’s a fit for you.

Keep an eye out for a subscription deal too. They just might run it again. After all it’s National Yoga Month. My fingers are crossed for you. Have you tried online yoga or in person yoga? Did you know there was an entire month dedicated to yoga?

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