Today’s Random Topic of Choice – Poop!

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calendar pageEverywhere you turn, there is misinformation about fitness and nutrition. You google and read about the latest research. Google again and find the exact opposite. No wonder people are having such a hard time losing weight, getting in shape, or meeting their goals. I’ve learned so much in the last year and laugh at some of the things I believed.

I have one of those page a day calendars by a well known vegetarian chef. She may be vegan. I can’t recall at the moment. She even has her own show on one of those cooking channels. (I’ll let you wonder who it is so I don’t directly bash her.)

I read this page in there and thought it interesting. I had a good laugh over it, then I got mad. She’s in a position of power. People listen to her and believe what she says. Look up and read the page and let’s think about this a minute. Did you read it?

If you aren’t pooping, that might be why you’re fat. Poop is fat? That doesn’t make sense at all. You may weigh more if you’re backed up, but you are not fat because of it. You gain weight because of what you eat. Specifically too much eating.

If you eat more than what you burn, the excess is eventually stored… as fat. The intent is for your body to burn that excess fat later as fuel when you need it for exercise or if you haven’t eaten enough. Live off the fat of the land, as they used to say.

If you poop, the scale could possibly drop a bit however you haven’t lost fat and your body fat percentage hasn’t changed. Nope, not one bit. Just the same as if you don’t poop, it doesn’t sit there and morph into fat. Headlines don’t read “Poop – Nature’s Shapeshifter!”

It’s probably a good idea to drink enough water to keep things moving along for you. That part is true. Don’t fall for everything you read though. Some of it is just downright ridiculous.  I bet if my trainer is reading this, he’s nodding along and shaking his head about what people make others believe.

What fitness and nutrition myths have you read lately? Anything as silly as this?

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