What Do You Do Without A To Do List?

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Chewed To Do ListAh, to live the life of a dog. Yesterday Thing Two had a relaxing 2 mile walk to wear him out. After a nice nap, he decided to chew up my To Do List and leave me guessing what was on it. Maybe he was sending me a message that I needed to focus on things other than obligations and focus on just being happy. Speaking of… 😉

To wrap up our task for July, The Kid worked hard last week and has almost completed her project for Mom’s Home School. She spent her afternoons thinking about what causes are important to her and doing research on the internet to find a charity that matched. Isn’t technology a wonderful thing? Those of us born before the internet had to do things the hard way.

She’s picked out 3 of her 5 charities which is progress. There’s one that works to help clean up the environment after disasters such as oil spills, another that supports cancer research, and the third works to protect animal rights. All noble causes and I was excited to see what she had chosen. She’s still working on the remaining two charities for her list.

I chose my charities too and included one that supports higher education for single mothers, one that provides school supplies and clothing to needy children, MADD, Ronald McDonald House, and the local children’s hospital. Hopefully our small contribution will make a little difference in lives. As soon as The Kid finishes her list, I’ll do an update post for the Quest List.

I think the most interesting part of this task was getting a view into what The Kid thinks is important to her. It’s not something that comes up in every day conversation and I’m not even sure she’s stopped to think about it before now. I felt all warm and fuzzy talking about what she had chosen and explaining the ones I had picked. It was a pretty cool bonding moment if I say so myself and definitely made me happy and proud of the child I’m raising.

Have you kept up with the July tasks in the Happiness Project? We went through some interesting interpretations of buying some happiness.

I wonder what August will bring. You didn’t peek ahead did you?!


  1. Hey! Just wanted to say hi.. tell me more about the happiness project. It sounds like something I really really need! 🙂 Keep inspiring!

    • The Happiness Project is an amazing experience!!! It’s a book that I started this past January to increase happiness through monthly “assignments”. The first Monday of every month I post what the focus will be and then each week there is a task to do related to it.

      You can use the tag Happiness Project to read past posts or use the calendar of past posts at the bottom of this page. Every Monday post since January 2 is on the Happiness Project. Thanks for reading and stopping by!

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